Smart home? Technology? Design? Yes, you heard right. Technology has become a huge part of our lives and many people are starting to slowly incorporate smart technology into their homes. When building smart technology into your home, design can become a huge aspect to making your home your own personal tech sanctuary. You can make your home look pretty awesome with these smart home design ideas. Don’t just throw advanced technology throughout your home, do it the smart way. Tie smart home technology into the overall design of your home and make your home the best it can be.

How “Smart” Technology is Affecting Your Home

It seems that nowadays everyone is using smart home technology to make their home more advanced and comfortable to improve their way of living. You can now adjust your home’s heating and air conditioning through your voice or a click of a button. Control your lights from anywhere, even when you aren’t home. Smart technology helps homeowners save on the cost of living, such as electric bills and saves you a lot time. You have the control of various systems of technology throughout your home right at your fingertips or through a hi-tech interface built into your wall. How cool is that?

Many people think that smart home technology is just for lazy people who want to have a remote control to every single thing in their home. I mean yes, smart home technology does make your life easier, but it also helps keep your family safe AND saves you resources such as water, energy, and electricity in your home. This can save you big time on those costly electric bills.

Smart Home Kitchen Designs

When it comes to cooking, entertaining, and discussions with family and friends, your kitchen is the place to be. You can use smart technology on your favorite appliances such as faucets, cook top surfaces, refrigerators, and ovens. Mostly everything that you touch in your kitchen can be controlled by smart technology. You can have on-screen touchscreens throughout your kitchen or a panel on the wall that controls all of your appliances.

You want your home to look awesome, and most of all, you want your kitchen to look sleek and clean. With connected WiFi kitchen gadgets, you can monitor and control your cooking devices and appliances from your iPhone or a touchscreen installed into your kitchen wall.

Voice activated devices can be very useful in the kitchen when your hands are full or covered in flour. Need to turn on the sink to rinse your hands? There are devices that allow you to tap the side of the faucet with your forearm or simply just tell the sink to turn on using your voice.

Control your lights so they turn on and off when you enter the kitchen or walk to a certain part of the counter. This helps you save on electricity and the energy used throughout your home. Leave for the day and forget to turn your kitchen lights off? Use the app connected to your smart lights and click a button to instantly turn off your lights, even when you are far from home.


Smart Home Bathroom Designs

A smart bathroom? This is probably the last room I would think of when it comes to a smart home, but who wouldn’t want total relaxation and comfort in their bathroom? With a smart bathroom, you can use smart technology to control your bathing experience, as well as the temperature, steam, audio, and lighting of your shower. With a small control panel in the shower, you have access to a variety of settings right at your fingertips. If the water is too hot, simply tell your shower to lower the temperature.

The Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror is a mirror that you can mount in your bathroom that works with Amazon Alexa voice control. This mirror features built-in lighting and speakers. Connect to your Amazon Alexa and use your voice to do some shopping, play music, or see what the traffic is like, all while you brush your hair or teeth.


Other Ways to Improve Your Smart Home

The kitchen and bathroom are both places that you can design using smart home technology. There are other areas of your home that you can use to improve your lifestyle and control things such as music, lighting, entertainment, temperature, and security systems.

Set up your lighting throughout your home using basic LED smart lights or use colored bulbs to set the ambiance of your home. Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home either through your voice or from an app on your smartphone. Smart security cameras keep your family safe and your property connected. You can set up cameras throughout the inside of your home and around the perimeter of your home to monitor everything going on even when you are away. You can check in at anytime from your smartphone and give yourself the security that you need.

There are so many other ways that you can improve your home lifestyle and the design of your home through smart home technology. Keep an eye out on my blog as I will continue to review the best products coming into the market in the smart home field.

The Future of Smart Home Design

This is only a start to how advanced your home can be. Your home lifestyle can become so simple, yet advanced with the amount of technology coming to the market. When designing your home, take into account which smart technology products you would like to use and how they will fit within your home. Your home can be filled with touch screens controlling many appliances and products within your home, or you can have gadgets hidden away that only respond to your voice.

The choice is yours.

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